Aurèle Ricard


Born in 1963, Aurele is a French artist coming from the Underground artistic scene. The self-made artist also known as « Lostdog » after his famous series. He lives and works in New-York. The city inspires him in his creation process, as it can be seen in the iconic series on the lost dog. After seeing a missing dog poster, he said: « There was everything from our lives on this poster: money, material or spiritual quest, emotion, willpower, choice, desire and above all loss. This lost dog was like mankind, lost in the confusion of the modern world. » The period coincides with when he met Andy Warhol. He considered with him a collaboration on the image and the concept of the Lost dog. Unfortunately the collaboration ended up as Warhol suddenly died in 1987. Obsessed by Yves Klein’s œuvre, in 1985, he developed the « Yellow Chrome n°2 ». He named it « The International Aurele Yellow » after the International Klein Blue, as a tribute to the artist. Four years later, the formula was filed at the INPI. In 2010, he created the monumental « Yellow Lost dog of Shangaï” for the universal exhibition. It is the first zoomorphic building and it peaks at a height of 80 meters. On the occasion of Art Paris, the same year, he also made a monumental installation for the Grand Palais’ nave. The « Giant Lost Dog » covered in golden leaves along with the « Lost Dog Connection ». The Lost Dog connection project is a series of videos in which the artist collected answers to a simple but yet profound question « what about you, what did you lose ? ». In 2016, Aurele received the insignia of “Chevalier” of the “Ordre des arts et des lettres”. It is one of France’s highest cultural honors.


Lostdog Neon

Lostdog on the moon

Original Yellow

Love is a drug

Original Blue

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