Born in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba in 1977. The work of James Bonachea (Cuba, 1977) has been characterized as a constant invitation to re-signify both the beliefs rooted in the cultural imagination, as well as the objects of everyday use. This exercise...
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Yo soy 24

Yuri is a Mexican painter, sculptor, printmaker and designer born in the city of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico, in 1972 in a Spanish Russian family. At an early age he is drawn to art and at age six he won his first painting contest. Thanks to his sen...
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Creciendo entre aves y delfines

Stefanie Schikora was born on the eighth of May, 1966, in Mannheim, Germany. In 1986 she concluded her Bachelor of Arts, specializing in art and design and, afterwards, studied Graphic Design at the Wiesbaden Art College. During her studies her ar...
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La modelo

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