Emilio Said (Mexico City, 1970) studied at the La Esmeralda National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving; at the National Center for the Arts, Mexico and is currently a member of the National System of Art Creators. Multidisciplinary artis...
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Time Bomb Happy

Emmanuel Meneses was born in CDMX on October 22, 1975, who from an early age shows an interest in art, his favorite toy, a soldering iron with which he modified every toy he found in his path. Interned in a military academy in Virginia USA in 1991...
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Roberto Bear (San Luis Potosí, 1972) is a self-taught visual artist, who since childhood showed talent for drawing and painting. Although he is still considered as an emerging artist, his passion for sculpture began almost a decade ago; area of th...
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Tijuana, Mexico, 1980. Pablo Llana's work starts from a field investigation around the culture of consumption and waste, delving into phenomena such as obesity, the dynamics of globalization and neo-colonization. This study materializes, from an i...
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Monalisa - Ariel Guzmán
Horchata - Pablo Llana
La casa chica - Jorge Patrón
Cunnilingus - Jorge Patrón
Polifonías - Emilio Said
Desnudo Amarillo - Gabriel Ramírez
Ensamble 4 - Gabriel Ramírez
Construction doll- Carlos D´Arellano
Pedro - JP Vidal
Dualidad 2/3 - Mojo
Recuerdos- Ariel Guzmán
Personaje ´74 - Gabriel Ramírez
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