Ralf Walter's (Germany, 1941) beginnings in painting were under the influence of the painter and cartoonist Benno Butter. In 1958 he left the former German Democratic Republic to study architecture in Darmstadt, southwestern Germany, and later pai...
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Absoluto 16

Yuri is a Mexican painter, sculptor, printmaker and designer born in the city of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico, in 1972 in a Spanish Russian family. At an early age he is drawn to art and at age six he won his first painting contest. Thanks to his sen...
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Ascenso al faro

Campeche, 1990. Architect. He studied the Master in Production and Teaching of Visual Arts at the Higher School of Arts of Yucatán. Her production deals with an investigation on the work with the found and constructed archive: a trigger for unfold...
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De la serie Dinastía Patrón: Sin Título IV

Jorge Patrón (Mérida, 1986) uses cement, collage and acrylic on canvas in a mixed technique that allows him to experiment with visual citations of the urban language such as graffiti, stencil, painted or glued advertisements, propaganda murals, ad...
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