We are a contemporary art plataform for the new generation of art collectors.

We represent emerging and established plastic artists, through management, promotion, advisory, sale and curatorship or art, as a way to democratize access to art and art collecting.
COLLECTOR MX es una iniciativa de ©Necesitas arte

The Team

Mario Torre


Karla Vales

Art Dealer

Alejadra Martínez

Community Manager


We provide you personalized advice on the management, negotiation and acquisition of works to increase the value of your art collection.
We take care of placing your works of arte in the right space, based on our experience in curating, assembly and design.
Order a unique, original and made-to-measure piece to personalize your favorite space. Be part of the creative process.
Trust our experts in conservation and restoration of works of art, in order to preserve and mantain the value of your art collection.
We protect the integrity of your work of art, ensuring that it arrives in perfect condition at its destination.
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