Angélica Omaña

Tijuana, B.C , 1992

Tijuana, BC, 1992, Mexico. Visual artist with a marked interest in medicine and hospital environments. His parents worked in a public health institution, for which he spent much of his childhood between clinics and hospitals; and for almost a decade he has been working there as mayor. Now he incorporates his observations and experiences in his artistic production. Through the recovery and selection of debris from his work environment, he searches the memory of objects to carry out a large part of his work. In his painting, animation and assembly he builds visual compositions with elements or objects in repetition contention. Omaña's work revolves around his understanding of medicine, disease and health systems in Mexico, as well as the dichotomies that are generated in relationships: hospital – patient, patient – medicine, medicine – disease.

¡Paracetamol, Quítame el dolor!

$10,000 MXN

¡Paracetamol, Quítame el dolor! (autorretrato)

$9,000 MXN

Genérico Generacional (autorretrato)

$16,000 MXN

Quítame el dolor


¡Ketorolaco, Quítame el dolor!,

$10,000 MXN

Omaña is in the last year of the Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Autonomous University of Baja California and concludes a student exchange at the Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia. In 2019, he participated in a collaboration project and sociocultural processes: "Exchanges, Art and Experience Workshop" within the framework of the XIII Havana Biennial. In early 2020, she wins the Emerging Artist award for the INSURGENCES exhibition “Women on the border in the cold war era” at The Front Art and Culture gallery, San Diego, U.S.A. That same year, he presented his fourth individual exhibition: "Paratodomal" held at the facilities of the Family Medical Unit No. 36 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security. Subsequently, the paintings "At the service of suffering humanity" and "Fortitude and vigilance" join the IMSS collection. In 2021, Omaña will benefit from the Support for the Creation of Artistic Projects and PULSAR Science Dissemination by the UABC, with the project "CLINICAL TABLE: Art and ecological reflection in the hospital environment". Omaña is co-director of El Muro Verde Tijuana, a student project for the exhibition and dissemination of emerging art by UABC students, benefited in 2021 with the Support System for Creation and Cultural Projects (SACPC). In 2021, he co-curated “DESBORDES, Cotidianidades Fronterizas” at 206 Contemporary Arts. In 2022, he curates the collective exhibition "CORPORALIDADEX" within the framework of 8M for CEART Tijuana.


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