Emilio Salazar


Emilio Salazar Touché (Mexico D.F 1977). Mexican painter, he studied product design in 1997 and at the same time began his training as a self-taught painter. In 2002 he was part of the Deisy Loria visual collective and in 2003 he had his first collective exhibition at the gallery of the Peón Contreras theater in Mérida, Yucatán. He participated in two of the group's exhibitions at the "Rauschenberg House" and at the "Joe's Garage" expo. He exhibited the following year at the Mexican embassy in Belize. In later years, he would begin to work with figurative painting using various techniques such as watercolor, ink, pastels, and acrylic and oil painting. Between 2008 and 2012 he took various painting and drawing courses and it was in 2014 when he began his first works in abstraction. That same year he has the exhibition "Mirtiforme" at the Municipal Gallery of Mérida, where he presents figurative and abstract works and a pictorial language that would determine his work to date. Later he would have several exhibitions in the Municipal Gallery of Mérida, as well as in the MACAY and in well-known galleries in the city of Mérida such as La Eskalera; He has participated in several national biennials and his work is constantly evolving.

Rompecabezas Inmunológico

$1,900 USD

El bosque de la ilusión

$2,500 USD

Abstracto cósmico

$1,400 USD

Escultura bidimensional


El hombre esquizoide del siglo XXI

$400 USD

El hombre esquizoide del siglo XXI (2)

$400 USD

Paisaje etéreo


Multiverso II

$600 USD

Multiverso III




Retratos metahumanos III

$300 USD

Retratos metahumanos IV

$300 USD

Retratos metahumanos I

$300 USD

Retratos metahumanos II

$300 USD

Mapa orgánico

$400 USD


La noche oscura


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