Francisco Gonce


Francisco Gonce was born in the city of Mérida, Yucatán (2000). He is currently studying Architecture at the Marista University. In 2021, he took a digital art course at the Fidi Design School in Florence, Italy. His work is born from the impossibility and the need he feels to explore 100% the world around him, but certain physical limitations limit him, consequently he decides to explore his inner world where he feels no limits and captures it on the canvas to be able to share it. His work is autobiographical, either because of the way he chooses his forms or because of the selection of his color palette, governed mainly by influences from his childhood and adolescence, such as cartoons, music, movies, games, among other things. Once he selects these simple forms, Gonce takes them as a repeatable module and manipulates them in color or deforms them, allowing them to be redefined, giving rise to a composition and a new way of seeing and understanding that form.


$750 USD


$750 USD


$1,300 USD


$2,700 USD

Sin Título

$500 USD

Stairs world, Stairs explotion

$750 USD

Idea on my head



Un día, una tarde y una noche

Estudio 2 - Talking Heads

$750 USD

Estudio 1 - Talking Heads

$750 USD

Flat Heads


$400 USD

Sociedad colectiva

$175 USD

Forma de jarrón figura de cabeza 4

$250 USD

Francisco Gonce "Preludio Accidental"

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