James Bonachea

Sancti Spiritus, Cuba , 1977

Born in Sancti Spiritus, Cuba in 1977. The work of James Bonachea (Cuba, 1977) has been characterized as a constant invitation to re-signify both the beliefs rooted in the cultural imagination, as well as the objects of everyday use. This exercise has led him to the intervention of public and private spaces involving both his own body, as well as organic materials and other elements in settings and surfaces, apparently contradictory, within the formal solutions of visual and pictorial discourses.

From performance to drawing, his curiosity for rereading the remote past has led him to establish dialogues between the historical vision and the current condition of reality, resulting in discursive forms that complement an anachronistic universe of resignifications.

De Paso

Estudio de espacio

Antigua fuerza aérea

Mariachi loco

Meteorito impulsado

La trampa

Carga pesada

Avión Primitivo

Venus Neolítica

Cortados con la misma tijera

Geometría Sagrada

Huitzilopochtli tomando un paracetamol

Cazador de partículas voladoras

Cabeza de trigo

Presencia constante

Doble Estándar 3

Doble Estándar

Conjunto de Venus

Doble Estándar 3

El sueño de Venus



Carga pesada

$60,000 MXN



Asunto de interior

Cubo Suave

Mirada indiscreta

Doble Estándar 1

Doble Estándar 2

STUDIES: 2003 Member of the Arte de Conducta Workshop, coordinated by the artist Tania Bruguera. 2000-2004: Member of the Enema Collective, an educational project coordinated by Professor Lazaro Saavedra. 1999-2001: Member of the Galeria DUPP group, educational project coordinated by Professor Rene Francisco Rodriguez. 2003: Higher Institute of Art. Havana Cuba. 1997: Academy of Fine Arts Oscar Fernandez Morera. Trinidad, Cuba. INDIVIDUAL EXPOSITIONS: 2015: Astronaut Maya juggling meteorites. Graduate Gallery. Mexico DF. 2015: 99942 Apophis, One Month One Artist, Article 123, #123 México D.F. 2012: An elephant takes up a lot of space. Myto, Seminar XII. Mexico DF. 2008: Perfect appearance. Myto, Mexico D.F. 2006: In the image and likeness, Myto, Mexico D.F. Shared media CPAP gallery, Santa Clara, Villa Clara. 2003: With my body I do what I want., Manuel Galich Room, Casa de Las Américas, Havana. 2001: In plain sight. CDAV, Havana. 2000: Foot of Work. Ludwig de Cuba Foundation, ICAIC Cultural Center, Havana, (co-author Wilfredo Prieto). 1999: Additive Conceptualism, Oscar Fdez Morera Gallery, S.Spirítus, (co-author Wilfredo Prieto). COLLECTIVE EXHIBITIONS: 2015: Personal moments, House 18, Quito, Ecuador. 2014: Viaticos, Fusion Gallery, Mexico D.F. 2013: Zona Maco, Contemporary Art Fair, Mexico D.F. 2012-11: Havana Biennial, Collateral Expo, Batiscafo Project, Havana, Cuba. Mac zone. Contemporary Art Fair, Myto. Mexico. D.F. 2011: Instant film. Batiscafo Project, “Continents” 8th Mercosur Biennial, Santa María, Brazil. 2011: LATITUDE 19 Public Art Festival, Mexico City. 2010: TOUCHED. Liverpool International Biennale. U.K. 2010: Off the record, Edge Zones Art Center. Miami, U.S.A. 2010: Closed Circuit, Curated, by Roberto Barajas, Polyforum Siqueiros, Mexico .D.F. 2010: Broken, intimate reflections. Former Teresa Current Art. Mexico D.F. 2010: Maco Zone, Contemporary Art Fair. MYTO Gallery. Mexico DF. 2009: Open Center 09. Public order. Lima Art Museum & Telefónica Foundation. Lima Peru. 2009: LISTE The young Art Fair, Basel, Switzerland. 2009: MACO Zone 09 Contemporary art fair. MYTO. Mexico City. 2008: NOTHING Art Fair, Myto. Miami Beach. 2008: LATIN LATIN . Curated by Rafaela Guidobon.Palazzo della Vicaria in Trapani, Italy. 2008: FEMACO 08 Contemporary Art Fair. MYTO. Mexico City. 2007: Schiltron. Porteous Brae Gallery. New Works from Tanera Mor International Artists Workshop. Stromnes. Scotland. UK. 2007: Open day. Tanera Mor International Artists Workshop. Tanera Mor. Scotland. UK. 2007: MACO. Mexico Contemporary Art. MYTO. Mexico City. 2007: Killing Time. Exit Art. New York. USES. 2007: The cause of many dark things. Servando Cabrera Gallery. Havana. 2007: Waiting list. Gallery teacher. Ljubljana. Slovenia. 2006: Art Basel Miami Beach. (Art Nova Section) Myto. Miami Beach. USES. 2006: Artists in residence. Mariano Street # 213, Havana. 2006: MACO. Mexico Contemporary Art. MYTO. Mexico City. 2006: 2009 LISTE 09 Contemporary art fair. Basel. Swiss. 2006: Mix. San Alejandro Gallery. Havana. 2006: La Huella Múltiple, Collateral to the IX Havana Biennial, San Francisco de Asis Convent, Havana. 2006: Personal project, Coateral to the IX Havana Biennial, Museum of Fine Arts, Havana. 2005: BOX. Event of performances and audiovisuals. Rafael Trejo Sports Complex, Havana, Cuba. 2004: Fluorescence, Faculty of Arts and Letters of the University of Havana, Cuba. 2004: XXII Oscar Fernández Morera Provincial Hall, Sancti Spíritus, Cuba. 2004: EPSON 1170. El Vaso Rojo Gallery, Sancti Spíritus, Cuba. 2003: XIII Biennial of Havana (collective Enema). Wifredo Lam Center, Havana, Cuba. 2003: XXI Oscar Fernández Morera Provincial Hall, Sancti Spíritus, Cuba. 2003: Sound Expo (Chair Art of Conduct). CDAV. 2003: From a Black Hole (Enema collective). Cultural Center of Spain, Havana, Cuba. 2002: The Multiple Footprint (Enema collective). Art Center 23 and 12, Havana, Cuba. 2002: The Multiple Footprint (Enema collective). La Casona Gallery, Havana, Cuba. 2002: From a Black Hole, (Enema collective). Itinerant Expo. Girona, Spain; Copenhagen, Denmark and Germany. 2002: Human Resources, (Enema collective). Havana Gallery, Havana, Cuba. 2001: XIX Oscar Fernández Morera Provincial Hall, Sancti Spíritus, Cuba. 2001: III Salon of Contemporary Cuban Art. CDAV, Havana, Cuba. 2001: El Bart NN Art Fair. Hamburg, Germany. 2001: Hello Cuba / Breaking barriers, The Mary Brogan Museum of Art and Science, Tallahasse, U.S.A. (DUPP Gallery). 2001: Contemporary Cuba (Dupp Gallery). Goiás Contemporary Art Museum, Brazil. 2000: VII Havana Biennial (Dupp Gallery). Morro Cabaña Complex, Havana, Cuba. 2000: With an abstracted thinking. Havana Gallery, Havana, Cuba. 2000: Neither to the right nor to the left. Santa Clara, Villa Clara, Cuba. 1999: II Performance Festival "Ana Mendieta". Cuba Pavilion, Havana, Cuba. 1999: Time as space. ISA, Havana, Cuba. 1998: II Salon of Contemporary Cuban Art, (Coleteral Expo). ISA, Havana, Cuba. 1997: Hall of the city. “Oscar Fdez Morera” Gallery, Sancti Spíritus, Cuba. 1997: Graduate Expo. "Benito Ortiz" Gallery, Trinidad, Sancti Spíritus, Cuba. AWARDS: 2009: Winning project. Open Center 09. Lima Art Museum & Telefónica Foundation. Lima Peru. 2007: Triangle Arts Trust, Tanera Mòr International Artists Workshop. Scotland. UK. 2007: Provincial Salon Award. Santa Clara, Cuba. 2006: Triangle Arts Trust. Bathyscaphe Residency. City of Havana. 2002: National Curatorial Mention 2002. (Humans resources show) City of Havana. 2000: UNESCO Award VII Havana Biennial (DUPP Gallery), City of Havana.

James Bonachea "El Cielo de Platón"


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