Rogelio Rodríguez "Mojo" was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 1991. At the beginning of his career, he worked as an assistant in painters' workshops inside and outside of Mexico; once in it, his intuition led him to continue in the arts, it being only a matter of time before he found himself creating work and searching for his own voice. Through his work, Mojo seeks to provoke moments of reflection that come from the most sincere of each person. One of her goals as an artist is to achieve the development of a language that is digestible, that regardless of nationality, race or gender can be understood without the need to explain it. Being able to attribute meaning to an object gives meaning to your daily life. This is how Mojo's work creates questions that all humans have raised at some point. His production is characterized by experimentation with different techniques and materials. It was from 2020 that the creator delved into ceramics, at the same time he began to deal with processes and materials of an industrial nature such as aluminum and acrylic; all with the aim of achieving its purpose: “expression”. The artist proposes a reading of the world as a crucial element to live. Being sensitive to what surrounds him, observing and knowing that he is being observed generates curiosity, the motor that is activated when he feels a connection with some object, song, image, texture or feeling. Mojo thanks those who have been part of his process, both personally and professionally, those who have believed and continue to believe in him.


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Políptico Remedios Diarios

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Realidad 400 mg

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Gratitud 100 mg

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