Camino del orgullo

Oil on linen
130 x 145 cm
Obra expuesta en Hotel Rosas & Xocolate

MXN $150,000

*Prices before tax.

Ralf Walter's (Germany, 1941) beginnings in painting were under the influence of the painter and cartoonist Benno Butter. In 1958 he left the former German Democratic Republic to study architecture in Darmstadt, southwestern Germany, and later painting in Berlin. In 1978 he arrived in Yucatán, where he settled permanently to this day. It has more than 40 group and individual exhibitions in Mexico and Germany. In 1997 he was awarded the prize of the National Biennial of Visual Arts of Yucatán.
Cirque Soleil
$168,000 MXN
Noche de serenata
$156,000 MXN
$160,000 MXN
El protocolo
$208,000 MXN
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