Little boy

Etching, aquatint and soft varnish
36 x 26 cm
Fernando Cortés "Ferrus", P/A

MXN $4,000

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Fernando Cortés "Ferrus", CDMX, 1963. Ferrus has dealt with various topics always linked to his love of old books and libraries. True to the Latin motto ludere et discere, the artist takes up a bestiary from that essential book in family libraries and plays with it. Thus, amid bright and striking colors, ostriches, rhinos, a forgetful elephant, a Leo Messias - not the king of the jungle but the one on the soccer field - parade, an emperor penguin who orders heads cut off - like that queen of hearts who He made Alicia suffer - and a hedgehog who is quite a philosopher. These are images in which the details are extremely rich. They invite you to observe them, carefully, over and over again. A charge of irony contained in his engravings detonates a critical and aesthetic intelligence that makes his proposal contemporary. Ferrus's work is related to the ancient engravers, Dürer, Goya and Rembrand, the mastery of the techniques is that of a Grand-Master. Ferrus is, in short, an artist of the Renaissance in the XXI century. Winner of important awards such as: National System of Art Creators, Alfredo Zalce National Biennial Acquisition Award, FONCA Young Creators Grant. He has been the teacher of the most outstanding engraving artists in Mexico of the 80s and 90s.
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