Poética Lunar

94.8 x 68.8 cm
Firma en plancha

Pedro Coronel Arroyo (Zacatecas, March 25, 1923) was a painter, sculptor, draftsman and engraver. Brother of the Zacatecan painter Rafael Coronel. He studied painting and sculpture at La Esmeralda (1940-1945). During his stay in Paris he frequented the workshops of the painter Victor Brauner and the sculptor Constantin Brancusi, which greatly influenced his artistic process. His first solo exhibition was at the Proteo Gallery, Mexico City, where his exhibition caught the attention of the Mexican Nobel Prize winner, Octavio Paz. Later he exhibited in France, Italy, Japan, the United States and Brazil. In his last period that he lived in Paris, his art showed different facets (drawings) subjugating in the eroticism of natural forms, of an appreciable aesthetic and artistic maturity. In 1984 he received the National Prize for Sciences and Arts in the area of ​​Fine Arts.
Amante Solar
Canto Solar
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