Ralf Walter "Travesías"

Ralf Walter

Born in 1941 in the town of Dessau, Germany, Ralf Walter studied architecture in the city of Darmstadt on the advice of his father and later painting in Berlin. He traveled through Africa, Asia and much of Europe. He lived in Algeria and Spain for three years, where he began to paint watercolors. In 1978 he left Berlin and arrived in Yucatan, where he finally set up his workshop in the port of Progreso. In Ralf's paintings we can find the presence of men and women, but not as human figures, but rather the steps of humanity through the world, since in his paintings are the desires, the dreams of men and women. In its colors he combines the tenderness of its soft tones with the passion and strength of strong colours, geometric shapes with organic shapes that it combines with passion, all of them indicated with a strong calligraphy that forces us to read the work savoring it. Walter has more than 40 collective and individual exhibitions in Mexico and Germany. In 1997 he was awarded the prize of the Yucatan National Biennial. The works that are exhibited below were selected by Mario Torre, director of the Secret Gallery, and offer the viewer an overview of the pictorial work of Ralf Walter, an artist who lives and works in Yucatan and in this exhibition gives us his heart that has become Mexican. Sede: Galería "Fernando Palma Burgos".

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