Víctor Argáez

Buctzotz, Yucatán , 1962

Born in the municipality of Buctzotz, Yucatán in 1962, since he opened them to the world, his eyes were filled with images related to the countryside, his immediate surroundings and the peculiarities of his municipality, which began to develop in his soul. an accumulation of shapes and colors, which he had no choice but to capture, so he painted the steed, the ranch, the mestizas and the workers.

Víctor Argáez inevitably assumes himself as a dreamer and idealist. The themes most represented in his paintings are usually daily life in the province of Yucatán, the traditional Yucatecan family and the mestizas with typical costumes.

La cocina

$60,000 MXN


$100,000 MXN

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