Dos personajes de Cortázar

Aquatint and etching
38 x 26 cm
Benjamín Murguía, Ed. 10/20

MXN $4,000

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Benjamín Murguía, CDMX, 1973 - 2010. He studied at the prestigious La Esmeralda School with a specialty in Painting and Engraving. Benjamín carried out collaborations with important artists such as Maria Bustamante, Francisco Toledo and Gilberto Aceves Navarro. After completing his studies, he made an intensive production of engravings at the Emilio Said Workshop. The work that we present "Labyrinth" demonstrates the highly virtuous of his metal drawing and the complexity of an artist who assimilates Borges's literature to the point of giving presence to the characters that inhabit fantastic spaces. According to his philosophy "Art is a multi-level energy, inhabited by light, transparencies, synthesis and reactions. The work is a mirror that looks at itself with the eyes of each spectator". An important solo exhibition entitled "The Secrets of the Encounter" was held at the Mexican Embassy in Los Angeles in 2008.
Lluvia fósil
$350 USD
Mujer pintando el universo
$500 USD
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