Sneakers & Gum SLF (Light Fusion Red)

Mixed encapsulation in transparent resin
25 x 20 x 30 cm
Edición 3/20

MXN $86,000

*Prices before tax.

Emmanuel Meneses was born in CDMX on October 22, 1975. He has studied Architecture, Administration and Finance. His artistic proposal seeks to reflect his inspiration in the experiences that marked his life, transmitting reflections on the importance of life, our value in society, and the awareness of achievements and failures for the incentive to improve as active entities of a developing community. Since 2016, he has ventured into the world of art seeking to show a fresh and innovative proposal, exploring various techniques, processes, and formulas that allow him to create his encapsulated works by manipulating polymers, inserting his work within that of contemporary art. He has participated in various collective explosions in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Madrid, Spain. His most recent individual exhibition contemplates the Tic Toc… This is not a bomb collection and was presented at Héctor Díaz Gallery in the city of Guadalajara, where national media such as Milenio TV and El Economista covered the event. In 2019 he participated in the International Salon D'Art Contemporain Art Fair, in Brussels, Belgium.
Time Bomb Toxic Medium
$60,000 MXN
Time Bomb Aqua Medium
$60,000 MXN
Time Bomb Gold Medium
$60,000 MXN
Beep Beep Bomb Classic
$50,000 MXN
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