Time Bomb Gold Medium

Mixed encapsulated in transparent resin
20 x 20 x 20 cm
Edición limitada de 30 piezas

MXN $60,000

*Prices before tax.

Emmanuel Meneses was born in CDMX on October 22, 1975, who from an early age shows an interest in art, his favorite toy, a soldering iron with which he modified every toy he found in his path. Interned in a military academy in Virginia USA in 1991, he learned carpentry as a complementary activity, which he has practiced as a hobby since then with different private purposes. He started his Architecture career but migrated to Business Administration to follow the path of the family business dedicated to cargo transportation, where he worked until becoming independent in 2004. He ran his own transportation company in Guadalajara Jal for 13 years. Until in 2010 he decided to close it to start a new company in CDMX dedicated to the import and sale of truck tires from China, which lasted 2.5 years. Finally, I worked as Equipment Control Manager for a freight transport company for 2.5 years, as well as leading a company for the transport of bicycles to triathlons within the Mexican Republic, which I only worked for a year due to lack of weather. In 2016, when he turned 40 years old, he decides to make a radical change in his life and makes the decision to quit his job and dedicate himself 100% to seeking transcendence by creating something with his own hands, and venturing into the world of art with a fresh and innovative proposal. Since then Emmanuel has successfully developed techniques, processes and formulas to be able to create his works of encapsulated manipulation of polymers, achieving a differentiator within the world of contemporary art. In a short time his works have already been presented in galleries and art fairs in North America and Europe, as well as a growing presence in Mexican galleries.
Cellbomb Yellow
$60,000 MXN
Time Bomb Acid Medium
$60,000 MXN
Time Bomb Chrome Medium
$60,000 MXN
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